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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Laura's Bathroom Decor (Requested via email)

I have completed a request for you today. This time I received an email asking me to mesh a few items from pictures. I started with this lovely set from Pottery Barn. It's a cute little set so I had to do it.

The set contains 11 new meshes and lots a recolors. The "stool" is actually a little end table with 1 slot in the middle. The baskets use the repository technique so you need to have Basket 1 in game for the other 2 to show up. There are 85 total files.

All mesh except the bathmat are Base Game compatible, for the bathmat you need NightLife. Of course the UVMaps and collection file are included along with a few shadow PSDs to make it easier to recolor.

Baskets (x3) - Deco Misc - 5§
Bathmat - Rugs - 10§
BathSalts - Deco Misc - 1§
BodyOil - Deco Misc - 1§
HandSoap - Deco Misc - 1§
ShowerBrush - Deco Misc - 5§
Sponges - Deco Misc - 5§
Stool - EndTables - 25§
Towels - Deco Misc - 15§

Baskets (x3) = 94
Bathmat = 66
BathSalts = 352
BodyOil = 442
HandSoap = 532
ShowerBrush = 250
Sponges = 723
Stool = 682
Towels = 2597



  1. Gorgeous bathroom decor! *downloads*

  2. OMG hun I love it so much never expected so many recolours and such with it to I was only expecting one little item. Thanks for this Kimberly. Amazing, hugs x

    1. You're very welcome. I try to always makes some kind of recolor and these just screamed for so many :)

  3. I love this baskets,Thank you for sharing :)

  4. wow. that's great. thanks for sharing it with us. keep it up.
    Bathroom Remodeling Arlington VA

  5. I just wanted to take a minute and say that you are such an amazing artist and your work is can really see the time and effort you put into all of your work and I am so grateful and truly appreciative of all of your hard work...I have been to every Sims site out there and have seen other artist's work that is very nice as well but not everything they make is always my style...but when it comes to your work every single thing you have posted has been an absolutely must have for me...and even though my download folder is close to bursting and I could afford to past up a download or two it just isn't possible when I visit your you so much for sharing your lovely work with us and I look forward to seeing (and most defiantly getting) any more wonderful gifts you may share with us in the future!!!!! :-D

    1. Oh wow... Thank you. Your kind words really mean a lot to me and they are very much appreciated. I try to put my everything into each and everyone of my downloads and it is great to see that it in noticeable :). I hope you have a fantastic Valentine's Day and an even better week :)


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