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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Easter Decorations (requested by doctorwho999 @MTSi)

*Update: I was asked to rotate the eggs to make them vertical (2 new meshes). I also found a shadow that was backwards. I updated the download link but if you would like to just download the updated files you can do so here (I haven't checked them in game yet). Just let them replace the original files.*

*Update 2: The requester pointed out that some of the meshes were missing the game generated outdoor shadows. I fixed them and updated the main download. If you would like just the fixed files then you can get them here. Hopefully this will be the last update.*

Right after Easter I received this request and totally forgot about it, shame on me. So when I was reminded I got right to it and this set is what came of it.

This set contains 24 new meshes and some non-Easter recolors. I used the repository technique a lot in this set, so make sure you have all the master meshes in game or the slave meshes won't work. Every thing should be base game compatible. I included the UVMaps and a collection file for those who want them.

Basket - Deco Misc - §5
Bunnies (x12) - Deco Misc - §5
Cookies - Deco Misc - §5
Eggs - Deco Misc - §1
Egg Sign 1 (w/ Handle) - Deco Wall - §5
Egg Sign 1 (w/o Handle) - Deco Wall - §5
Flag Streamer - Deco Wall - §5
Gum Ball Machine - Deco Misc - §5
Hanging Eggs (x3) - Deco Wall - §5
Wreath - Deco Wall -> - §5

Poly Counts:
Basket: 1906
Bunnies (x12): 2070
Cookies: 632
Eggs (x2): 170
Egg Sign 1 (w/ Handle): 274
Egg Sign 1 (w/o Handle): 84
Flag Streamer: 250
Gum Ball Machine: 1438
Hanging Eggs (x3): 304
Wreath: 1218

Now more the goods!


  1. Thanks for this very pretty Easter set, big hugs judith.

  2. Very nice set and much of it will also be useful at other times than Easter :) Thank you very much!


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