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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crissi's Hideout (Requested by Crissi)

*A Partial Sims 3 conversion of this set can be found at KitKat Simsporium*

I finally finished this set and couldn't wait to share it with everyone. If you follow me on FB then you would know that this was a huge learning experience for me! I figured out the repository technique and how to expand an object's footprint. I am very proud of myself :)

This set was requested by Crissi at CBS. She sent me this picture and asked if I could make the sofa, molding, and pillows. I decided to make the whole picture instead. Then of course I had to recolor everything, you know... just to make sure you could.

The set contains 13 new meshes and 3 recolors per mesh, except for the branch in the glass vase, that only has one recolor I am afraid. I also decided just to recolor the rug from my Spring Lounge instead of making a new one. I included the mesh so there is no need to go hunting for it. There are no OMSPs this time. I used my "Universal Dining Chair OMSP", which I included in my IKEA Inspired Dining set, to place the pillows on the loveseat. You can get here if you like. Everything else should be ready to use with "move_objects on" and "setquartertileplacement on"/"boolprop snapobjectstogrid false". The pillows use the repository technique so you only have to recolor "Crissi'sHideout_Pillow1_MASTERMESH" and it will show on all the other pillow meshes.

Meshes should be Base Game compatible. UVMaps and Shadow PSDs are included for those who might want to recolor anything. Collection file included as well.

Blanket -> Deco Misc -> §15
Framed Pictures -> Wall Deco ->§10
Molding -> Deco Misc -> §10
Pillows (x5) -> Deco Misc -> §5
Plant1 -> Deco Plants -> §2
Plant2 - Deco Plants -> §5
Sofa -> Seating Sofas - §50
Table -> Endtables -> §10
Wall Lamp -> Wall Lights ->§5

Poly Counts
Blanket: 804
Framed Pictures: 140
Molding: 16
Pillows (x5): 146
Plant1: 658
Plant2: 410
Sofa: 600
Table: 322
Wall Lamp: 480



  1. Wow! I find it so awesome that you can even do this. I love all the backboards and everything. Thanks!! :)

  2. Trust me I'm still not even sure how I do it lol. I'm really happy you like it!

  3. You make the best things! Especially love the wall lamp.

  4. It looks very nice - just the right amount of pretty, and I love the color schemes. ;)
    Also, yay for collection file!

  5. Oh stop it you :) I'm happy you like it. I think my favorite part is the tree branch, I don't know why. The whole set turned out better then expected :)

  6. Wow! Absolutely amazing work. Wow!!! Thank you :)

  7. incredibly beautiful! Great work, thanks

  8. This is a very beautiful set! Thank you so much!

    I would love to have your blanket slaved to Jonesi's blanket. May I make a request at Sims2Artists for this?

  9. Of course, I was thinking about doing it at some point anyway. The UVMap was made to match up to hers so it should be simple :)

    I'm really happy you like the set as well :)

  10. Thank you for your permission, you're a Darling!

  11. This is a fantastic set! TYSM for sharing!


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