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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ikea Inspired Dining Set

*A Sims 3 conversion of this set can be found at EditSim's Tumblr*

I have a new mesh set for you today!

I've been working on this set for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. I do want to mention that none of the meshes are actually of IKEA items. They were inspired by a few pictures I saw in the 2012 IKEA catalog I received a few weeks ago. I would like to thank Jim from my FB FP for the idea of the placemat. The chair and tables are recolored in IKEA's LACK colors.

All meshes should be BaseGame compatible. UVmaps are included in the download for anyone who might want to recolor them. I also included a collection file so you can find the meshes for easily.

This set contains:
Chair - (deco - misc) for 50§
Unfolded Table/Folded Table - (surfaces - dining tables) for 30§
Magazines - (deco - misc) for 10§
Flowers In Vase - (deco - misc) for 6§
Metal Vase With Candle - (deco - misc) for 5§
Stacked Plates - (deco - misc) for 4§
Plates x2 - (deco - misc) for 2§
Cutlery - (deco - misc) for 2§
Placemat - (deco - misc) for 1§
Glass - (deco - misc) for 1§
OMSP x4 - (surfaces - misc) for 0§

I tried to keep the poly count as with in reason this time around.
Chair - 544
Cutlery - 396
Flowers In Vase - 840
Glass - 192
Magazines - 84
Metal Vase With Candle - 308
Placemat - 12
Plates (1&2) - 144
Stacked Plates - 288
Tables (folded and unfolded) - 408
OMSP (all) - 12

The patterns used are from

Updated OMSPs by Leefish


  1. I especially adore the little table that comes off the wall. It can make a cute 'desk' for my kid sims and then it could be folded down for playtime! Thanks! :)

    Ps, do you get as excited as I do when you receive the Ikea catalog? :P

  2. OMG you have NO idea how excited I get :D. I love IKEA!

    I'm glad you like the set. I didn't think of using it as a desk but that would so work!

  3. may I convert this to ts3? It's something I have in ts2 and i absolutely adore it.

  4. Absolutely! If you don't mind sending me a link so I can give it to my mother. She has been begging for me to convert my items to S3 but I have no idea how :)

  5. i finished the set! i only did the chair, candle, and tables because there is already so much of the dinnerware. i hope that's okay. i wasn't able to add the overlays to the candle, although i can't remember why at the moment :/

  6. Oh wow that looks fantastic! You did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing the link with me, I am sure my mother will love it :)


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