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Monday, October 31, 2011

How I Add Details - Jeans

I was asked how I made the details on my jeans so I decided I would make a small tutorial explaining how I did it. (Examples: Ninguid, Sternutation, and Callipygian)

I'm not actually making clothing in this tutorial but mainly showing the steps I take while detailing my creations. Here I am showing jean details but this could be used for much more. Click the images to enlarge it and get a clearer view of the details.

First you need to pick your texture. I am using a jean texture I made using the method in this tutorial. You can get it here (png on a transparent background).

Select your texture by choosing your "pattern" option.

 Then fill the texture in using the flood fill tool and adjust to your liking (opacity/angle/size).

Using the color changing option I am going to make it a color I like.

Now I am going to add the stitching. I will show a seam, back pocket, and front pocket here.

Make a new layer and select which areas you want to make stitching.

Then using the flood fill tool color it in to a color of your liking.

 Time to start on the shadows.

Using the drop shadow tool I am going to place a shadow (at offset: 0x0 and attributes: opacity  75, blur 2, color black, and check the box to place the shadow on a new layer) of the stitching itself.

Next I am going to select the area I am going to make the seams.

Using the drop shadow tool again I am going to use the same settings and drop a shadow twice.

 By now you can tell it is already looking like jeans but I still like to add a few more touches.

Selecting the burn too1 I am going to add a little depth to the sides of the pants a long the seams and by the pockets to help them look a little more 3d.

First the seams. All I do is set the setting to something I like. Then I am going to go along the seams, on the back ground layer, making them slightly darker.

Then moving on the the front pockets I am going to follow the inside curve.

I then repeat the last step using a slightly smaller sized brush staying closer the stitching.

You can carry on doing this until you are happy with the out come but for the most part that is it.

Lastly I flatten all the layers and sharpen the image.

I hope this was helpful.


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