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Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Halloween!

*A Sims 3 conversion of this set can be found at KitKat Simsporium*
Today I bring you a Halloween inspired set for what I believe to be one of the best holidays of the year!

I've been working on this set most of the month and I hope you like it. I love Halloween and have tons of great memories from when I was younger and would go trick or treating. Now my sims can decorate so their little mini mes can have those memories.

All meshes are BaseGame compatible except the tea light, that needs IKEA stuff pack to work. Of course the UVMaps are included for those who would like to recolor anything as well as a collection file so you can find everything more easily. 

I tried to included shadows for all the meshes so if there is a problem with them then let me know.

This set contains:
Candy Holder - (Deco - Misc) for 5§
Candy Jars - (Deco - Misc) for 5§
Caramel Apple - (Deco - Misc) for 2§
Flowers & Pumpkins - (Deco - Plants) for 10§
Hanging Bats - (Deco - Misc) for 5§
Hanging Ghost Lamps (3 in total) - (Lighting - Ceiling) for 5§
Jack-O-Lanterns - (Deco - Misc) for 5§
Tea Candle - (Lighting - Table) for 1§

The poly counts are on the higher end with these. If your computer is a little slower then you might want to use them sporadically.
Candy Holder - 2526
Candy Jars - 3551
Caramel Apple - 786
Flowers & Pumpkins - 2286
Hanging Bats - 1150
Hanging Ghost Lamps - 940
Jack-O-Lanterns - 1270
Tea Candle - 188


The patterns used are by me and ColourLovers.

Other Items pictured:
Fence by HugeLunatic
Column by HugeLunatic
Stairs RC by HugeLunatic
Small Table by Adele
Endtable by TinHouse
Terrain Paints by Kativip and Parsimonius
Door by Parsimonious
Floor by Jasiek
Wall by ? (Maybe The Medieval Smithy or Plumb Bob Keep)
Grass by ? (Maybe Ja)

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