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If you would like to convert them for either Sims 3 or Sims 4 then please feel free to do so. All I ask is that no TSR or Adfly be used with them and for you to send me a link so I can enjoy them too :)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still Hacking!?

CherryBlossom Sims is still having some major issues with hackers and spammers. It is such a shitty thing for someone to do, and due to this (and a strong feeling) we are removing all pay objects from a certain Simming Site that is known for being shady. So over the next few days you will notice that some of my downloads will be offline until I remove all of the not named site's paid objects and replace them with either a better free meshes or a proper link to the booty. I am doing this to keep me and my fellow simmers safe from unwanted hatred.

Sorry for the inconvenience...

Update Feb. 17th - 7:30am:
I've updated all of the files, now I need to make new pictures and update the posts.

Update Feb. 24th - 12:55am:
I re-uploaded the most of my sims a few days ago. As for CBS, at the moment they are on Maintenance Mode for a little while. We are regrouping and planning what to do next. I can't really say much at the moment but when the time is right I will give everyone a proper update for what we plan on doing.


  1. hey! i just wanted to let you know that I've linked to you under my affiliates at tvs. i hadnt realized you linked to me! but i really appreciate it and i'm glad we can link to one another!! :D

  2. Oh this hacking sucks and the above mentioned site who must not be named [haha the Voldy-site] sucks. Sims is a free game and should stay this way. Gosh - I hate this shit. So let's hope the problems will be solved soon :)

  3. Oh sad new I like cherryblossoms sims this is a lovely and peaceful forum what a shame they were hacked , thanks for the information how nasty t... is to force us to share their content in their site only.
    (they are responsible of many site hacking)
    You are very right to keep you safe from hackers.
    Good luck with this.

  4. Luckily I don't use much content from their site...Some of my older sims had eyebrows from them that I have since removed from my downloads. Let's hope by cleaning out all of our downloads the CBS attacks will stop.

  5. They won't stop and you guys are being silly for letting them scare you like that.

  6. We aren't scared, just exhausted. Crissi and Mimi have been working their asses off to protect the forum. After a while it gets to be a little to much for 2 people to handle. We are regrouping and planning for the future so no worries, you haven't seen the last of CBS yet. Plus has long as I have a say in what happens you wont :)

    Big things are happening and soon you will see a whole new CBS. I will give an update as soon as I can to let everyone know what exactly we have been discussing.


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