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Monday, April 12, 2010

Shop Signs

After playing the game for a while in the new neighorhood my sim's ran out of food! I could order it but that would cost an extra 50 simoleons which they couldn't spare (if you didn't read my last post I am playing with out cheats). I had to make a grocery store, which was fun, but when I was done it was missing something.

It needed signs. I looked for some but nothing was quite what I wanted. So of course I pulled my hypothetical sleeves up and got to work.

They arn't anything special and far from perfect but they fit the need. They are mostly of produce but I threw a few others in there. Prices listed are loosely based on the shops here :)

The mesh is from Maxis so there is no need for one. They can be found under "Civic Idol".

To lazy to think of a creative
Shop Signs: The signs in and around shops :).



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