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Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty Townies...Heck ya!

Lately I have been too busy recoloring and building things to actually play the sims. So a few days ago (when I began feeling a little sick) I decided to play, and to challenge myself I wasn't going to use the "motherlode" cheat at all (and other sim altering cheats).

I opened a neighborhood I downloaded well over a year ago (and only opened once...) to begin my little sim city. As I was playing a townie walked by. It scared me. I thought that something went terribly wrong with him. After a while another one walked by, this one was worse! At this point I realized that these were the Maxis face templates at work. I had installed this neighborhood before I found Pooklet's Legacy Face Templates.

Now I can't have my sims "interacting" with these failed experiments and creating some fugly monsters as offspring. So I went on a search on how to fix my little problem. After hours of searching I found Theo's Sim Deleter for SimPE. I quickly and safely deleted all of those nasty trolls.

I then started up my game and to my surprise my family was alone in the city. My townies weren't respawning. I then had to find a way to fix this. I started by going through my downloads to discover I had Pescado's NoTownieRegen mod (I can't find the link). So I took that out and re-launched the game. I waited and no one passed by...This made me sad.

After many more hours of researching I decided to use the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled" cheat and manually respawn those darn thangs. But before I relaunched the game I decided that if I am going to get new townies why not make sure they were different then what I was use to. So the search was on for another set of face templates. I downloaded a few and tried them in BodyShop before I found the ones that will call my downloads folder home. Katucham made these wonderful little things which I feel in love with. But they didn't look right with the pre-set Maxis skins. So I tried them on my custom skins and found out that they look SO good with Pyxis's Venice Skinstones. I grabbed the defaults and quickly loaded the game.

So the time came to respawn those darn townies. I typed in the cheat and clicked on the mailbox and followed the menu adding townies and downtownies. I turned off the cheat and saved. This was it...the time had come. I "patiently" waited for a townie to walk by.


(Even though I think she isn't wearing the Venice Skintone)

(BTW I also have eyebrow defaults by SironaSims, some lipstick default replacements using Bruno's Lipsticks...I'm not sure which one I used since there are so many :(, and I use defaults of Pooklet's edits of Yumedust's 'Eye Love'.)

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