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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Meshing 101 - Keeping It Simple

What You Will Need Before We Start

This is going to be a new tutorial series in which I show you how I create objects from start to finish, but before we start actually meshing there are a few things you are going to need if you plan on joining in.

Photo Editing Program - PaintShop Pro / PhotoShop / Gimp
A 3D Meshing Program (I am using MilkShape. You can get it here or ARRR. Make sure you grab and install the Sims 2 plugins by Wes Howe here.)
SimPE - This is where you will actually build the .package file for Sims 2.
Softfuse Password Generator (This is for getting the guid for the new mesh. I've never been able to get it through SimPE so this program works great for me - make sure the preferences look like this)
A UVMapper - I use UVMapper Classic
BackGround Noise - Optional (I get bored so this helps keep me focused )

That's all you need before we start. You should take a look and play with these programs a little to see what they are like. Don't let them scare you off though, they aren't as bad as they look.

I hope to have another part of this up within a week (maybe two) where I will actually be meshing.

See you next time.

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