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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tiny House - Part 2

I have another tiny house for you today. It is slightly larger then my last house and can easily hold 2 or more sims (room for expansion on the back). I tried to remove all the useless recolors and junk with the clean installer but it is always good to check it again. I also added a recolor of the windows which didn't show up in the clean installer, everything else should be there. You will need NightLife and Open For Business for this lot to work. There might be others needed as well.



  1. What a lovely house!

  2. Oh, I love this! I've been pulling plans from this book (, but it looks like you've captured the style more elegantly than me.

    1. I pulled my inspiration from the same site :) I think this one was the "Loring" plan :)

  3. How do you rotate things diagonally on the sims 2

  4. I use a cheat which I think you need either UN or AL to work. The cheat is "boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true". There is also I little program somewhere out there that turns it on permanently (and a few other things) though I can't find it at this moment.


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