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Monday, January 7, 2013

Look At Them Separates

I have another small goodie for you today, this time I slapped some of my full outfit textures (with a few slight alterations) on to meshes by HP and Pinketamine to make them separates. I've been meaning to do this for a while and once Pinketamine separated my favorite Synaptic Sim Mesh with those fabulous boots I had no excuse not to!

I also added a few new patterned versions of the tops and I made a tightless version of my Sternutation bottoms. I wouldn't be me if I didn't include some PSDs to make recoloring the tops easier, so they are included as well. No PSDs for the bottom since I did not change the textures/patterns on them. 

I only included the black and dark blue versions of the Ninguid/Callipygain pants since they are the only ones I use but if you want the grey and light blue versions as well then met me know and I will put them together for you.

All needed meshes are included.

The outfits I separated are: Youf, Ninguid, Callipygain, and Sternutation

They come is the typical colors and the added 4 patterns (all pants are pictured above). The tops are numbered from 1 - 10 (Solids) and 1 - 4 (Patterns). The colors coincide with the template below from left to right (1=Black, 2=Red, etc)


  1. This is so amazing! Thank you but is this for adults or young adults right? I know you're not taking requests but if you have time, could you make sims 2 teen jeans? I've been looking for some so i can start filming again <33

    1. These are for adult and young adult. If I can find a mesh conversion for the bottoms then I can slap the textures on it. I have a teen version of the top mesh so I could slap the textures on them as well. If I can find the bottoms mesh then I will upload that for you when I get time. It should be out there somewhere :)

  2. hello! I really like what you've done
    could do red shorts for teen? (pants only)

    1. I'm glad you like them :). I'm not taking request right now sorry...


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