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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Xi Living (Requested by AngelEye)

Today I bring you the second and last part of my final request (for now). I tried to stay as close to the original picture that was sent to me but some of the textures are slightly different. I was lucky enough to find the exact paintings by Dieter Braun which really pulled this set together!

Anyway this set contains 10 new meshes, 1 OMSP, and 3 recolors of everything. Everything, except the rug, is base-game compatible. I believe the rug needs Nightlife. UVMaps, Shadow PSDs, and collection file are included as always.

Bottles - Deco Misc - §5
Boxes & Vase - Deco Misc - §5
Lamp - Table Lamps - §10
Pictures - Wall Deco - §10
Pillows - Deco Misc - §15
Rug - Rugs - §15
Sofa - Sofas - §50
Table - End Tables - §10
Tennis Ball - Deco Misc - §1
Vase - Deco Misc - §5
OMSP - Misc Tables - §0

Poly Counts
Bottles - 1682
Boxes & Vase - 1104
Lamp - 1269
Pictures - 158
Pillows - 440
Rug - 12
Sofa - 656
Table - 322
Tennis Ball - 182
Vase - 1502
OMSP - 22

BTW: I have no idea why the name Xi popped into my head while making this, maybe I visited Ix one to many times in Glitch :)



  1. So so so beautiful! Thank you for your hard work, I know that meshing is really hard. So thank you for creating amazing stuff :)

  2. Oh no, I'm going to have to restart my game because there's just too much pretty that I must have!! :P

  3. Hi!
    What should I do to put the pillows on the sofa?

    1. Use the "move_objects on" cheat then move them over the sofa :)


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