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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Angel's Lounge (Requested by AngelEye)

*A Sims 3 conversion of this set can be found at Juliana's Simblr*

I have the first part of my final (for now) request. This time it is a Lounge requested by AngelEye over at CBS. It took me awhile to get started with this since I have been glued to the latest game sensation, Glitch.

So lets get straight to it. All meshes should be basegame compatible. I included the UVMaps, PSD Shadows and a collection file for those who want them. I used the repository technique heavily in this set so make sure you have all the MASTERMeshes in game or else the SLAVEMeshes will now work.

Couch - Sofas - §100
Box1 (MASTER) - Deco Misc - §15
Box2 (SLAVE) - Deco Misc - §10
Box3 (SLAVE) - Deco Misc - §10
StackofBooks1 - Deco Misc - §5
StackofBooks2 - Deco Misc - §5
TeaPot (MASTER) - Deco Misc - §5
Sugar (SLAVE) - Deco Misc - §5
Creamer (SLAVE) - Deco Misc - §2
Cup (SLAVE) - Deco Misc - §2
Pictures - Wall Hangings - §10
Lamp1 - Table Lamps - §10
Lamp2 - Table Lamps - §4
Lamp3 - Ceiling Lamps - §10
OMSPs (x7) - Misc Tables - §0

Couch - 3076
Box1 (MASTER) - 50
Box2 (SLAVE) - 50
Box3 (SLAVE) - 50
StackofBooks1 - 178
StackofBooks2 - 530
TeaPot (MASTER) - 1102
Sugar (SLAVE) - 642
Creamer (SLAVE) - 1002
Cup (SLAVE) -1102
Pictures - 162
Lamp1 - 782
Lamp2 - 412
Lamp3 - 1068
OMSPs (x7) - 22



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