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Friday, April 6, 2012

Released Gifts: CBS Advent 2011

I figured it was time to share these with everyone. I made these for Cherry Blossom Sims Advent Special last December (and some even before that...).

Advent Set - Part 1

This set contains 3 new meshes and 15 recolors to make a nice cozy corner to relax in when it is cold outside. Everything should be BaseGame compatible. UVMaps, Shadows, and Collection file are included.

Chair -> Livingroom Chair -> 50§
Clock -> Deco Hanging -> 30§
Plant -> Deco Plants -> 10§

Poly Counts
Chair - 576
Clock - 1522
Plant - 1370


Advent Set - Part 2

Here is the second half of the Advent Set. This set contains 6 new meshes and 30 recolors to add the final touches to your cozy little corner. All meshes should be BaseGame compatible. UVMaps, Shadows, and Collection file are included.

Christmas Balls Singles (large and small) -> Deco Misc -> 1§
Christmas Balls Double -> Deco Misc -> 2§
Side Board -> Tables Misc -> 100§
Wooden Tree -> Deco Misc -> 20§
Wooden Tree Candles -> Table Lamps -> 5§
OMSP Side Board -> Table Misc -> 0§

Poly Counts
Christmas Balls Singles - 770
Christmas Balls Double - 1538
Side Board - 1548
Wooden Tree - 1370
Wooden Tree Candles - 1320
OMSP Side Board - 22


Coffee Dinning Set

This is the Coffee Dining Set. It contains 13 new meshes and a a few recolors. Everything should be Base Game compatible. UVMaps and Collection are included.

Chair x2 -> Dining Chairs -> 25§
Table -> Dining Table -> 25§
Coffee Pot -> Deco Misc -> 5§
Cookies On Plate -> Deco Misc - 3§
Plate -> Deco Misc -> 2§
Coffee Cups + Coffee Deco -> Deco Misc -> 2§
OMSP Table Height -> Tables Misc -> 0§

Poly Counts:
Chair1 -> 766
Chair2 -> 710
Table -> 288
Coffee Cup Empty -> 192
Coffee Cup Lid On -> 528
Coffee Cup No Lid - 216
Coffee Cup Open Mixing - 652
Lid -> 336
Mixer -> 100
Coffee Pot -> 1406
Cookies On Plate -> 310
Plate -> 72
OMSP -> 12


Vintage Coke Bottles

(These were my first try at transparent please bare with me)

 I tried to model these after the 50's/60's style bottle. I warn they are not perfect but they are as good as I could get right now. Maybe when I know more I can retouch them.

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