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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm still a live!

I'm feel a little burnt out after finishing all the Advent Gifts and Participation prizes for CBS. I really cannot find the inspiration right now to do much of anything regarding my computer. I get on my computer in the mornings (ahem...afternoon) and do what I need to for the forum and then go about my other daily chores around the house. I only come back to the computer after supper when the BF has gone to bed. It's not that I am that busy I just can't find the will to come back at work on something. I guess I used all of my inspiration for now.

There is many things a still want to do such as recolor some of Anye's new meshes, make some more winter-ish clothing, mess around in milkshape, and of course I would love to sit and play sims, be it sims 2 or medieval...but at this point the will is not strong enough. 

I hope that when the holidays die down and life gets back to normal my drive will come back and I will start doing the things that are sitting in my head waiting. But for now I don't know when my next download will be (unless you go over to CBS and check out the Advent Gifts I made).

In other news I received some very exciting information about a week ago. After 11+ long years and thousands of euros I am officially a Dutch resident. They finally couldn't find a reason to say no anymore. This is something I have dreamt of for so many years. To finally be part of a society in a country I have called home for almost 12 years. It excites me so much to know that my life can finally move forward. I still need to receive an invitation to pick up the documents but that is just paperwork.

Also my mother told me about a book series she read when she was my age that she thought I would be interested in. It is called the Earth's Children Series. I looked into it and it does look interesting. I have found all the books and they are waiting for me to read them. I haven't had time to read in the past month or so but I am hoping to crack them open soon.

Well I really just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't dropped off the face of the planet. I'm still a live and kicking :)

You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter if you want to know what I am up too. I will try to post there on a more regular basis. You can find the links in the menu bar.

Have a great day/afternoon/night and I hope to see you soon.

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