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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Small Update

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I haven't gotten around to posting the walls in my last WIP Update. They are ready all I need is some previews. I really just haven't found the time... 

We have been cleaning up and putting our lives back together since my brother finally moved out and back in with my parents. I never knew how much my life really changed when he moved in 2 years ago. It has been interesting to be 100% alone with my BF after so long. Not to give TMI but it is like a honeymoon (with out the marriage lol).

Plus my cat got a hold of my little lovebird about a week and a half ago who now has a pretty bad skin irritation under his wind from a scratch. We noticed it last Saturday night when he was out flying around. He is on antibiotics and pain killers but he keeps picking at the scab so it opens back up. I have to keep contently watching him and since he isn't feeling well he has been demanding a lot more attention then normal (which was a lot to begin with). After my BF lets him out in he morning he has been getting into bed with me to snuggle and basically doesn't leave my side until I put him in his cage when my BF goes to bed. I hope he starts feeling better soon. I can't stand to see my babies hurt.

I have been catching myself going through textures and picturing things to make with them so hopefully I will get my mojo back soon. Just bare with me. They will be up at some point this week. I also have a hair that needs previews and it to will be ready to upload. 

So in the mean time here is a picture of my little lovebird attacking a tulip (before being hurt):


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