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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cherry Blossom Romance Theme Gifts

Here are some more released gifts for all of you. This time from Cherry Blossom Sims Romance Themed Weeks.

First we have some recolors of  Nemestnaya's Flea-market Kitchen Curtains, mesh is included.

Tutoyant- Affectionate; Intimate

Next I have a Sim which I shared a preview here of a few months ago. 

Anyway please meet Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. 

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture. According to Hesiod, she was born when Uranus (the father of the gods) was castrated by his son Cronus. Cronus threw the severed genitals into the ocean which began to churn and foam about them. From the aphros ("sea foam") arose Aphrodite, and the sea carried her to either Cyprus or Cythera. Hence she is often referred to as Kypris and Cytherea. Homer calls her a daughter of Zeus and Dione. 


Custom Content

In Game

She is packaged like the BodyShop preview.

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