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Friday, February 25, 2011

CherryBlossom Sims Update

Here is the latest news letter from CherryBlossom Sims. It should update you in everything that is going on and what to at the end I give you a sneak peek at what I made for their re-reopening. It will only be available there for the time being.



Dear Cherries,

As you may have noticed, we have been in Maintenance Mode for a couple of days due to continued attacks from hackers and spammers. This doesn't mean that we're scared - but tired of their attacks, since we're all having our own real lifes - and don't like playing hunter and hunted all days long.

You can imagine how this has become quite a task to keep on top of. So after regrouping and discussing the situation we, the CherryBlossom Sims Forum Staff, have decided that CherryBlossom Sims needs a fresh new start, without all the drama.

So by putting our heads together we have decided to clear out the forum and start from scratch with a new set of forum rules. Hopefully by enforcing these new rules we will be able to keep you and ourselves safe and happy to continue simming. This also means that most of our old downloads have been removed from the forum. We are sorry it has come to this but we think it is for the best. We will however be adding new downloads for you, our members, to download and enjoy.

We are going to reopen on Saturday 26th February after all the spring cleaning is finished, as a TSR Free site with 100% free downloads. Meaning that everything we share will be completely FSF (File Share Friendly) for all to enjoy.

BTW I want to say thank you to all friends in the community for their gorgeous support and exchange of information and IP's. Good to know that you're around!

Its very important that you pay attention to our new rules - you'll find them in the Rules/News Forum.

Regarding TSR:

We have decided to remove TSR completely from our little forum so please do not request or share any objects from there. You will be warned if you do. After 3 warnings you will be banned for a period of time. Continuing to requesting or share these items will get you permanently banned. If you notice anyone asking or sharing objects from TSR please report it so the CherryBlossom Sims Forum Staff can take proper measures to insure the safety of the forum.

So for now all we can say is... we had given all our time, creativity and a lot of love to run our little forum - and we think that NO ONE has the right to destroy our forum or other forums, blogs or websites in our community. WE don't want to go on playing hunter and hunted!! So Hackers hit the road! If not - be sure that all datas were daily saved and back-uped - so what?! We'll be back for sure!

And some very good news - Ohbehave007 - joined our Admin-team! Please welcome her in our team! You'll already know her as an Supermoderator in our forum! Welcome Kim! We're so happy you're on board now!!

A new update with some nice things will follow this weekend! Enjoy!

The Cherryblossomsims forum Team.
And now the sneak peek! 



  1. well that's great news. I actually really miss the weekly updates thread. It was the best Sims 2 update around.

  2. Congrats :) This outfit looks really comfortable - I'll definitely grab it as soon as the forum is back :)

  3. Thank you! I am so excited for it to be back on line. I agree, it has the best weekly updates. My downloads folder growls at me when I read it lol.

  4. Deleting all the old downloads? Seriously? That is so STUPID!!!!
    What about people that lose their games and need to redownload? Or people that bookmark stuff and wanted to come back later? How is it gonna be for the best? No way!
    And no, it definitely doesn't have the best updates. I can think of at least 3 other sites that are better.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    If you bothered to check CBS you would see that most of the old downloads are there, and most of the ones we did remove have been re-uploaded without the pay items. All the creators have back-ups of their creations so if you lost something that you really want again all you have to do is ask. I'm sure they will be more then willing to point you in the right direction.

    ALSO since we removed all the paid content from our forum the attacks have how was this stupid if it worked? By keeping TSR out of our forum we are protecting our members and hopefully stopping n00bs from going to them and sharing their personal information. Information that WILL be shared and used to harm those who do not know better. This is our way of fighting back. A lot of sites have the same policy so why is it a bad thing if we adopt this mindset as well? TSR is bad...mkay?

    I have also removed a few of my downloads from my blog and CBS while I clean them. All of my items will be back, with the exception of one, very soon. Others at CBS are working day and night to get everything back up and running as well.

    If it really bothers you so much that we are protecting ourselves then I'm sorry to lose your visits. But to be honest, we would rather sleep at night knowing we are keeping the forum safe then staying up night after night fighting none stop to keep the attackers out. Crissi and Mimi have worked super hard to keep CBS open and to be honest they were on the verge of throwing in the towel and giving up due solely to the fact that they were exhausted.

    So please show some respect for those who have been fighting to keep your downloads free and safe!

    As for the updates...CBS Weekly updates/finds are targeted towards others who share our style of simming. Just because it isn't your cup of tea doesn't mean that it isn't someone else's gold. Each Sim Site out there caters to a certain audience. That's why there are differences between finds from one site to the next. GOS will have the darker side while BPS will have the more shabby side. To each their own. Who are you to judge what someone thinks/feels?

    Now if you continue to whine and bicker about not getting your way I will stop posting your comments and dignifying them with answers...My blog is a no hate zone and will remain so as long as I run it.


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