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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Start A Blog?

Hey everyone!

I decided to start a blog where I can post my object recolors without someone else telling me if it is good or bad. I think I should be the one to decide if my uploads are of good quality or not.

So here is were you will find a lot of my uploads and maybe some rambling every now and then. I hope you enjoy my creations :).



  1. I saw your remark over whether or not you should decide if things are good or not. I do agree, and your items do look good - sadly not all uploaders to MTS have high standards of quality and so a mod queue is necessary to keep the uploads reasonable quality. I see you have MUCH bigger pics here on your blog than the uploads on MTS - it all looks really good. Not that it looks bad on MTS, but the pics you post there are smaller.


  2. On MTSi you can only post pictures of certain sizes (1024x1024 or 120mb for JPGs and 95mb for others I think). I usually have to resize my pictures and convert them to jpgs to fit their guidelines. Here I do not resize and I use PNGs since they give way better quality then JPGs.

    I have started to upload to MTSi again since getting my new computer. I really like how picky MTSi is, it makes for superb downloads. I just can't always live up to their standards. But hey no one is perfect.

    This comment was basically made when my laptop started being a bitch and wasn't allowing me to get the pictures I wanted when I wanted. This is why some of my downloads here arn't on MTSi, purely because of the quality of the pictures (and because some where made for CherryBlossom Sims).

    MTSi gave me the courage to share my recolors and I made this blog to be able to share just about everything, no matter how suckish the pictures might be.

    I truly hope I didn't offend anyone from MTSi for starting this blog and posting this, it wasn't a direct hit at them, I love them. It was away for me to break free and show who I truly am.

  3. Ohbehave, I totally agree! I also started my blog for the same purpose, I post at other forums for exposure, but I could do without all their stuffy rules. I also think that your stuff is very cute! Thank you so much!

  4. Aww, thanks! I have since became a moderator and creator for CherryBlossom Sims, so there is where I post now. I find it a much better fit for me even though I will always love MTSi, they are great.

  5. Hey, I was wondering if you ever had some time for some bedding/crib recolorings? I'm pretty sure this is the best way to contact you, I didn't see any messaging buttons. Anywho, the recolors are from Victoria Secret's PINK.

    That's the bedroom. And I was also wondering, if you wanted, or ever had time, if you could do a crib recoloring also? If not, I completely understand. But I think I'd much rather have the crib recoloring. But here is the picture for that as well. (:

    Here is the mesh that could be used for the crib.
    Nursery #5. :D

    And here is the picture of the crib:

  6. Hey Jamie,

    I thought I had a button, oh well I will make one now. As for the request, I surely can do this for you. It might be a few days before I can get it uploaded (weekends are always quite busy for me) but it shouldn't take long :)

    Have a good day :)

  7. Aww, well you are so sweet! :D Thank you so much. And I found the contact button. As soon as the page opened I was like "Omg. I feel so dumb". Lol. But I guess I don't have the right "Mail Cliet" because it wouldn't let me send you a message anyways.

  8. No problem, I actually added the button after you posted. I totally forgot to add one earlier.

    I will add my email address for those who can not use windows live mail or like wise :)

  9. Alrighty, well thanks again for taking the time to make those for me. :D I can't wait to see them.

    And I was hoping you could do one more thing for me. It's super easy, lol. From a "professionals" point of view, I would like to know what you thought of my website. You're so well known for your creations, and I was just wondering if you thought it would ever go anywhere.


  10. Looks good :) Time and practice is really all someone needs to succeed. I don't believe in failure since no matter what, you are always learning something :)

  11. Aw, thanks. :D I only have like 75 members, but maybe the more I add and the more I get better I could become more popular. I'm going to college for website design, and when I get an actual .com site and stuff, I think that'll make it better too. How did you get so good at making textures and stuff? I download almost all your stuff. I'm a CC junkie for sure. (:

  12. I browse free texture sites like and for textures I like. I them make them in to transparent PNG files and use them over patterns or fabrics I have found (most websites have swatches). Nothing to spectacular. Plus receiving positive feedback from people really helps me get encouraged to create more.

    My first recolor was . I didn't share it with anyone but my mother and she asked for feedback on it at PSMD. The original looked way different then this, but with feedback it became something worth sharing (even if it was through my mother :)). My first true upload to a sim site was which I made matching bedding to. They are less them impressive but it was a start and with the feedback I received I just continued.

    It also helped when my BF bought me a new computer to work with. My old notebook had lots of trouble running the game (still need to do comparison pics). For the most part all of my recolors have come from trial and error. I have no formal education in graphics or design (I studied International Leisure and Tourism Management in college). I've always loved making things though. So this is a great way to release my creativity and stop annoying the people around me out of boredom :)

    If you would like I can add you as am affiliate and maybe get you some more traffic. All I need is a banner.

  13. Yeah, encouragement always helps with me too. My boyfriend really influences me to go to college for website design. He says I could be really good at it. I think that's what I'm going to do. I'm so unsure still. I'm a junior in highschool, and they just throw college down your thought, and so does my grandma, lol. But I'm working on it. (:

    I looked at some of your old creations earlier. You've really came along way! :D I need to learn to do those transparent PNG files. Do you use photoshop to do that? Cause that's what I have. Do you just mean like a semi-see through layer, I guess?

    I used to have a wayyyy old computer. My sims game wouldnt even work on it. Like seriously, 1 in every 50 tries it would. But I couldnt constantly keep it on, so I just stuck with playstation sims for awhile. Then my dad bought me a new computer for easter, and I love it. :D

    And I'll work on that banner too. I still haven't made one.

  14. My mother always encouraged me to go to college. She never did and regretted it. In highschool I was thinking about doing Information Communication Technology (computer programmer...) and even spent 2 years majoring in it. It wasn't for me so I switched to Tourism when I went to college. I graduated college in Dec 2008, first in my family to do so. I was only 19 at the time and still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (still don't :P). I plan on going back in the future to expand my business knowledge and maybe take a art/graphics class. But that is later. I am enjoying the time off school.

    I use Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 for my graphics program. As for the transparent PNGs what I do is: I change the color of the texture to white and then make a brush out of it. I then transfer the brush onto a transparent back ground and save. This can then be used as a pattern and placed over other images. This was the simplest way I have found. I can then adjust the transparency for what I am making to make it look semi real.
    I have a few textures which are my favorite, such as the knit one and fabric one ( and which I tend to over use :)

  15. Wow, I'll have to read that a couple of times, lol. I think I could do it, oh photoshop, you can select a layer and you can make it " I might ty it later today since sunday's are usually my lazy days. (:

    WOAH. I just did it. Like, I did it before I even finished this message. That's not hard at all. :D I kinda wanna make some sweaters or something now, lol.

  16. Yay! Thats great!

    I am putting together a little picture tutorial of how I do it so maybe I can help some others. I have no idea if it is the same in Photoshop but at least whomever reads it can get the idea.

  17. Yeah. Well maybe I can add some comments to your tutorial if I see something that photoshop represents. But when you said you made it into a brush, what I do is make the background layer whatever color I want it. then I go to file, and there is an option called "place" and you can stretch it out or whatever. but then you make the layer "multiply" and that makes it see through, and you can change it opacity to how much you want it to see through. I'm working on making some jeans. It's the #1 hardest thing for me to make. Idk if I'll ever be able to, lol.

    ps, where do I go to make a banner? I remember a site along time ago, but i forget now. Thanks. :D

  18. I used my graphics program to make my banner (you can see it under my Affiliates section on the right).

  19. :) Mmmk, got it. So this was my first attempt at the jeans. I didnt know how to make pockets and all that, really. All I had was raw jean texture. so I found a pair of jeans and put those textures over it, and thats what I came out with.

  20. They look really good for a first attempt. Way to go.

  21. Thanks. :) I've decided I'm going to do another pair of jeans, 2 pairs of sweats tucked in Uggs, and then gonna do some hoodies to go with them.

    Do you ever make clothes? Or are you mostly into just object recoloring?

  22. I've made some clothing recolors but I am more into object recoloring, but every now and then I will recolor/re-texture something for my uploaded sims to wear :)

  23. I love your uploaded sim, Autumn. She's beautiful. :D

  24. Lol, I bet you're sick of me babbeling to you all day. But I wanted you to look at this hoodie I just made. None else is really online for me to show, so you're the first to see, lol. (:

    I'm going to make a big collection of tee's, hoodies, jeans and sweats. All sepaerates too for my site.

  25. That's really nice! Can't wait for them to be up for download.

    I don't mind the babbling, it's always nice to talk to some one

  26. Oh my gosh! They're just.. amazing! :D I love them.


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